The Benefits Of Standing Bicep Curls

The Benefits of Standing Bicep Curls
by Lee Cork

Many men will want to automatically start working on their biceps right away. After, isn’t this what we want to do to impress people? Put on a tight fitting t-shirt and then curl your bicep to show off how large your biceps are?

Actually on a more serious note, men will want to develop upper arm strength because like the rest of the body, upper arm definition and brawn is part of a total body building workout.

I usually suggest building upper arm strength first and then define them through free weights. Dumbbells and curl bars will provide strength and definition, but first you need to be strong enough to control them.

If you aren’t strong enough, you can seriously hurt yourself. Therefore, you should get your muscle used to doing bicep and triceps workouts on a machine first.

Once you have built the necessary muscle mass, you can start integrating bicep curls into your routine. Many men who want to build muscle weight and definition will want to use the standing bicep curl.

This exercise can be performed with either dumbbells or with a curl bar. This exercise will build additional muscle strength and mass. It also provides definition because it works the entire length of the muscle.

Stand in front of a mirror and keep your back straight. Allow the bar or dumbbells to hang by your legs with your palms facing the mirror. Then lift the weights using only your bicep muscle to shoulder height and then return to starting position.

Other related exercises that will help men build upper arm definition are the dumbbell concentration curls and preacher curls.

The dumbbell concentration curl isolates just the bicep, which is the part that guys like to show off to the ladies. It gets peak contraction in this particular muscle and works the muscle in its entire length.

It is best to perform this exercise by sitting on the edge of the bench and placing the elbow on your knee. Slowly move only the forearm, utilizing your bicep strength in order to curl the dumbbell to your shoulder level.

The preacher curl is another related exercise because it isolates the biceps. You will want sit on the preacher bench and have your upper arms laying flat on the bench with the palms out gripping the bar.

Start in the lower position and then pick the weight up in a curl fashion utilizing only the biceps again.

Raise the weight up to shoulder length and slowly lower the weight back to starting position. This exercise is very close to the standing bicep curl and makes for a good transition from machine to free weights.

So guys, when beginning to build definition and brawn in your physique, remember to work the biceps appropriately. Begin with using machines to build the necessary muscle strength.

Then after your muscles are used to the exercise, you can use standing bicep curls and other related exercises to fill out your arms and impress the women.

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