The Sleeveless In 7 Review Of 4 Arm Toning Exercises

The Sleeveless In 7 Review Of 4 Arm Toning Exercises
by Katherine Crawford M.S.

There is a lot of variance between upper arm exercises. Some are astronomically more effective than others. And if you’re doing lots of the infective ones, you could spend an insane amount of time in the gym and not notice any results!

And to further complicate things, most trainers have a different view point as to which arm exercises are best. All the different advice could leave you with a serious case of analysis paralysis. Not good!

The good news is that I’ve already done all the homework for you and I’m ready to share my findings!

So here are 4 arm toning exercises that you have to do if you’re serious about getting sexy arms:

1. Overhead dumbbell triceps extensions. This exercise does a superb job at targeting the long head of the triceps, the area where arm fat hangs and jiggles from. And if you want to take it to the next level, get the full stretch at the bottom of the movement.

2. Narrow grip barbell curls. You shouldn’t neglect your biceps if you want that complete toned arm look. And remember that your biceps muscle is the first part of your arm that someone will see when greeting you from the front. Narrow grip curls do an excellent job at working the outside part of your biceps, the part that is most visible.

3. Forearm curls. While not the most effective exercise for reducing arm flab, this movement will do wonders for loose forearms. If you feel that your forearms need additional work, include this exercise in your routine.

4. Incline dumbbell curls. This exercise is an ego killer. A top-tier movement for the biceps, expect to use much less weight than usual. Why? Because this is one of the rare exercises that will work your biceps through their entire range of motion. And any exercise that works a muscle through its entire range of motion will provide accelerated arm toning results.

The bottom line is to ignore all the fads and flashy gadgets and stick to what works. Only then will you be able to get the arm toning results you want and deserve. The best exercise programs are the ones that use basic movements with lots of intensity.

More Information:

Katherine Crawford MS, a Harvard exercise physiologist and former flabby arms sufferer, is an expert on arm toning exercises. Learn how to get toned arms right now by visiting her website on upper arm exercises.


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