Top 7 Exercises for Building Arm Muscles

Building arm muscles is something that is so masculine and raw about and something that is visible through t-shirts, tank tops, and even a full length shirt.
But we want to be building arm muscles an efficient and effective way, to utilize our time as much as possible. I have seen too many people spending a lot of time in the gym, where they realistically could have spend half the time and done twice as much.
We will in this article look at some exercises for building arm muscles that can take your arms to another level.
Building Arm Muscles
-Exercise #1 – Hammer Curls:
You can either do this exercise that targets your brachialis with dumbbells or a hammer curl bar. It is important that you keep your elbows as close to your body and don’t use them in this exercise. We only want the forearm to curl upwards.
-Exercise #2 – Close Grip Bench Press:
This exercise targets your triceps like almost no one else. Either use a smith machine or a bench press. Have a little shorter than a shoulder width grip and lower the bar all the way to your chest and then push it upwards. Return and repeat as necessary.
-Exercise #3 – Preacher Curls:
Preacher curls is a great way to isolate your biceps with. Either make use of a barbell or a dumbbell and hold your elbow still and firm towards the preacher seat and only curl your forearms as you do the exercise.
-Exercise #4 – Cable Extension:
This is a great exercise for your triceps. You need a high pulley and a straight bar. Pull the bar down and keep your elbows close to your body. Now hold your elbow still and push the bar down, so that it is almost in a 90 degree angle of your elbows. Take it upwards, with your elbows still firm and repeat as necessary.
-Exercise #5 – Incline Dumbbells Curl:
Sit on an incline bench for this biceps exercise for building arm muscle. Hold your elbows as still as possible and curl your forearms upwards. Return and repeat as necessary.
-Exercise #6 – Dips:
The dips exercise is great for building tricep muscles. Keep your body straight on the dip machine, and lower yourself down, until you feel the stretch in the triceps.
-Exercise #7 – Standing Bicep Curls:
Stand straight in this exercise for building bicep muscles. With a dumbbell in each hands and your elbows still and close to the body, curl your forearms all the way up to your biceps. Return and repeat.
Its Easy
Building arm muscles is easier than people give it credit for. Your arm muscles are just like any other muscles and with the right nutrition, it will only become a matter of time when building arm muscles results in transformation.
Follow the above exercises for building arm muscles and you will even surprise yourself.

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